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State Fair 2014

Good times at the fair. We got caught in the rain on the way there and had to stop because we couldn’t see to drive. We got caught in a severe thunderstorm right at the end, the kids had to get off of the little ride they were on because they had to shut it down, and we rushed to the car. The fair seems much bigger. More to see, and we were unable to find some things we usually look forward to. Nothing huge, but for example I have no photo of my kids milking the fake cow, because we never came across it. And things are really hard with a super heavy baby who is not into the stroller and just wants to be on the ground. Adam left the fair unsatisfied, as he did not feel that we consumed enough food from the savory family. We will have to plan our binge eating for next year to make sure we include a better balance with all of the sweet stuff.

I never even posted the photos we took at the fair last year, because I was really pregnant and I just never got around to it. I processed these MUCH differently than usual, with some tweaks to the VSCO Kodak Portra 800 HC preset. I may regret posting these, because I am usually all about the clean edit. On the other hand, I feel like I have taken the same photos over and over for years now and I needed to jazz them up a little. Almost no one who is reading this even knows what I am talking about or really cares about photography, so enough with that and here are the photos.


Lauren | Still Plus Life - I know what you’re talking about! Well, sort of… still need to dig deeper into editing presets, etc., but still! I know what you’re talking about. I actually really enjoy the editing on these because the vibrant colors really suit the vibrant feel of the fair. It feels hot and colorful and a little crazy. I think my favorite sentence is, “Adam left the fair unsatisfied, as he did not feel that we consumed enough food from the savory family.”


Great de-brief! And good to plan ahead for next year. I like your husband.

2014~Week 33

I always, always, always want to remember that Gus crawled everywhere with a play food plastic french fry in his mouth, and sometimes two other french fries in his hands, and how he looked doing it. And of course, all of the shows. So many productions created by the girls, and stages, and costumes, and dances, and songs. These are the days to remember. 


Lauren | Still Plus Life - My son will be 15 in just over a week (eep!) but I will never forget that he always had to have two of every food item, apple pieces, strawberries, turkey bites, french fries… you name it. One to eat and one to hold. Oh, how I wish I’d been taking photos back then.