I took my new camera to the nail salon this morning, and it was fun to shoot with it there. And then I got home, and realized I had my shutter speed at 1/15th of a second the whole time. Ha ha ha. Ok. This is the best-ish of what I got. Milena’s toes.



I have sort of had this camera problem for a few months now. I figured out that I love my Canon, and I really do love it. But it is big, and my lenses were big, and I needed something smaller. I had a Fuji X-E2 with several lenses, but it sort of failed me a few times and I sold it. And then I sold my biggest Canon lens that I used every day (the 35L) and replaced it with a really cheap 35F2. So I had all of this “photography money” set aside, and I still needed a smaller camera. I tried a lot of cameras. I rented cameras, I bought and returned cameras. It was a little bit obsessive. Yesterday I settled on a camera, and it arrived today, and it is the Fuji X100T. I am going to keep it. I am happy with it. It is the right choice given the other camera stuff I own. And I really tried to put it aside and stop worrying about it, and I tried to tell myself I didn’t need a small camera, but I do. I am photography obsessed. I am going to do another 365 in 2015. I have three little kids. I want a little camera for doctor visits, when we go out to eat, when we are at The Nutcracker, when Lida wants to pose with the mannequins at Old Navy. I am not happy just using my phone, because while those phone photos are ok for some purposes, I have learned through printing photos out for Project Life this year that there is a HUGE difference between camera photos and phone photos. Especially in indoor or low light. So here is one of my photos from the first trip out with the X100T. My girls at a fish market, where we were buying black cod to make on Christmas Eve. I do love the photo. And I would never taken it without this camera. 


Jen - I am happy you like it, and this picture makes me happy, too!


It was very out of character for me, but I bought two Christmas scented candles at Target today. The results were predictably Christmasy. Lida said, “What is that yucky smell?” when she arrived home from school. Adam said, “Did you buy those just so you could take photos of them?”


Lauren - This sounds like my family! :)