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No kids. Or flowers… 4

First I took a bunch of food photos at a dinner with a friend tonight, and they were so bad. There is a reason why “Food Photography” is a whole thing by itself. Of course I can always take photos of my husband, but I should have really saved that up for when I was desperate. 


No kids. Or flowers… 3

This is going to be really hard. I am realizing that as I walk around, and I go through the process of considering a potential photographic subject, anything that I am drawn to really IS a child or a flower. Fully 95% of the time. Today I got a new lens, a Helios. The lens and I only had a little time together this evening.

My dream was to shoot a simple wire fence with the helios. That didn’t end up working out with the light or the fences I had available. So on day three, you have our little big box store backyard pool. I guess you can see the characteristic “swirly bokeh” of the lens if you look closely. It isn’t the most exciting photo I have ever produced. I knew that part of this project would include days when the photos are just going to be pretty bad- almost laughable at times. You can start laughing now, and I will laugh with you. 


No kids. Or flowers.

I am noticing (again) that all I take photos of are my kids or flowers. I wonder what would happen if I forced myself to do some sort of photo project where I couldn’t include those things, ever. Hmm.