Oh, hi there.

What a year. I guess that it is not surprising that after everything that has happened, I was bound to have a little meltdown. A bunch of changes with my husband’s job. My mom having cancer, moving into assisted living, and the clean up of her hoarded up home (my childhood home). A lot of conflict with my mom. Health problems. No one ever getting any sleep. Probably other bad things that I am forgetting. Really, 2015 can totally EFF OFF. I am ecstatic about the arrival of the holidays (although not winter). This year I am going to make the beginning of the new year a huge magical deal and ascribe special powers to the day the calendar flips. I really do believe 2016 is going to be our happy year.

The photography part- I was spending too much time on photography stuff. After many years of daily shooting, I became really burned out. I am still in quite a weird, mostly gear obsessed, “creatively blocked” place with it all. I made myself start shooting daily again about a week ago, after speaking to some mentors and friends who gave me some advice and perspective. There are some people who have been so awesome and supportive through all of this no matter how crazy I have been, and I will always be grateful for those people.

I did sell all of my Canon gear, every last thing, and purchased both a Nikon and an additional Fuji body. There have been benefits to this as it has given me a fresh start, but there are some things about it that are hard and are not so good for my OCD. I am constantly second guessing my decision (about the Nikon, not at all about the Fuji part). White balance, skin tones, noise- all different with the Nikon and really hard to adjust to.

Here are some photos. I haven’t shared any of them anywhere else. And I am struggling with editing and having to create a new workflow. I don’t know what my plan is with photography now other than the continuing to document my family. I wasn’t even sure I would continue my blog, so I don’t know when I will post again, or what, or why. I couldn’t even remember what size to make the blog photos. For today, though, here is my update. I will figure it out.