Week 6 | 2019

This week we celebrated my middle daughter’s birthday for several days, had a visit from Grandma, ate too many treats, and loved on our puppies. My daughter was given some Harry Potter glasses for her birthday, and she is wearing them constantly. I will not let her wear them to school, although as I told her, I am not even sure why. She will probably need real glasses soon enough, and she is arguing that these glasses are getting her used to having to wear glasses. The flowers are from my husband. They are my favorite flowers, for Valentine’s Day. We both don’t think the arrangement is great, so I will probably try to take some different photos of the ranunculus sometime this week after I pull them out of the arrangement and put them in a vase alone. All of these people were posting photos of ranunculus from Trader Joe’s, but sadly, my Trader Joe’s had none. Thankful for a nice husband who remembers things I complain about and then tries to fix them for me unexpectedly.

Week 5 | 2019

It is still VERY cold, and we are still getting used to being a two dog family. Sometimes the dogs bark at night. This is disruptive to sleep, like when you have a newborn baby. Except the dogs are not exactly squishy and delicious like newborn babies. Also, I am still house training the puppy while it is brutally cold outside. Except when we had a day when it was randomly 60 degrees, which meant super muddy dogs running through the house. I really still love them though, and they continue to make (most of) our family very happy (most of the time).

What else?

Baking for a 5th grade science experiment.

The first time my kids ate at IHOP.

A dance party, including the dogs.

Hat day.

And always, LEGO playing.

Week 4 | 2019

We got a new puppy last week, and that about sums up what I have been doing. Trying to housebreak a puppy during a polar vortex, or any January in Nebraska, is obviously challenging.

I am puzzled when I see people who seem to be doing so many things. I parent, take my kids to activities, clean my house, do laundry, exercise daily, take some kind of photo each day, try to read a book each week, and that is my limit. If you add a puppy on top of that, wow. That really does it.

I meant to start Project Life again this year (the digital version), but I have not done that. I am hoping to find some time this weekend to pull it together, and then stay on top of it. We are no longer doing Chatbooks as a result of some quality issues, and I want to make sure that I am still regularly printing photos for my kids. They love seeing photos in print. So of all the things I need to squeeze on to the list of things, I am going to try to make that one a priority. I am also hoping to do 1 Second a Day this month.

Otherwise… I am taking lots of puppy photos, drinking too much coffee, trying to stay warm, trying to spend less time on social media, and looking for all of the great things about living in a place where we get to experience four seasons.