X100T at the zoo

A friend in one of my Fuji groups was asking questions about the X100T. I have a long history of using Fuji cameras, and for a period of time after I sold my X-E2, the X100T was my only Fuji. Actually, for a period of time after I sold my Canon 5D3, the X100T was my only camera, period. I found that to be very limiting and frustrating, and was happy to add the Nikon D750 as well as the Fuji X-T1 to my camera collection. And even though I don't reach for my X100T much anymore, I don't have plans to sell it. I am attached to it. It is a very unique, fun to use camera. If I didn't own it already, but owned the remainder of my gear, I am not sure I would buy it. But I would have trouble letting go of it. At one point I almost sold it, and was blessed to become very good friends with the person who almost bought it. Hi Andie! Today I decided to take my X100T out to the zoo with my kids, and see if my feelings have changed towards it. I am still planning to sell my Fuji 23mm, but I could always revisit that decision and sell this camera instead (as they are the same focal length). I came home, uploaded the photos, edited them quickly. I used the Camera Pro Neg Std camera calibration profile, which I pretty much never use. And yeah, no. I still love this little camera and am happy that I didn't sell it. Does it make sense to add it to your camera arsenal if you already have an interchangeable lens Fuji? I guess it depends on what lenses you have. It is nice that it is small. It is a fixed lens, so you don't have to make any decisions there. The only thing that is a huge problem and makes me totally crazy is that you can't set the shutter speed faster than 1/125 when you are using Auto ISO. And I always use Auto ISO with my Fujis. Fuji? Do you hear me? Can you please do a software update and fix this??? I know you can.