Week 28 | 2019

All of the swimming has resulted in Swimmer’s Ear for our oldest child. This is something I didn’t really know much about. Now I am a little traumatized, and I will be a little quicker to the doctor’s office to start antibiotics when symptoms arise. Summertime earache= immediate trip to urgent care.

Otherwise, things are great but VERY NUTTY. My husband is doing a 100 mile gravel bike race on Saturday called the Bohemian Sto Mil. It is a little odd that he agreed to do this, since he wasn’t really a biking guy before he started training for this race. It starts in his hometown, and a friend persuaded him, so here we are. It has been a lot of time training, and the weather has been a little bit scary hot. Like, I was nauseated and light headed from carrying my groceries to the car yesterday, so… a 100 mile bike race on gravel in the same type of weather… hmm. Would not work for me. Apparently my husband and I are very different people who are at very different levels of fitness. I still feel anxious on his behalf and hope it goes well for him. <3 <3 <3

Week 27 | 2019

Both of the parents in this house were not in the best shape this week- my stomach is just now almost back to normal after my trip, and dad sustained a shoulder injury at CrossFit that has been intense. Otherwise, I have been driving my kids to swimming lessons and appointments, and we have spent every evening the backyard pool. Only yesterday did I feel well enough to do actual exercise, and that is VERY happy for me. I am so excited to get back into a routine with my weights and my 10,000 steps and my podcast listening dog walks.

All of my recent time spent in airplanes, airports, and waiting rooms has meant that I have been able to read a lot more than usual- so that is good. I think that I will easily meet my goal to read 52 books during the year. I am just about finished with On Being Human by Jennifer Pastiloff, and it has been ok. I am about to start Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane, which came up as a Kindle library hold for me. Still very scared to get many physical library books, which my dog will eat. Finally, there has been SO MUCH HYPE about Three Women, I decided to order it on a whim from Amazon. This violates my attempt to not spend money on books, but we are all doing the best we can. Or maybe we are not. I am probably not doing my best as far as the book buying.

Week 26 | 2019

And this will catch me up as far as my 365 photos…

I should get better at writing blog posts. I have a goal to do that, seriously. I remain very unclear about how much I want to share, what I want to share, and where. I was supposed to go on this trip to Guatemala to get some space and clarity about this and about 100 other things. I don’t think that happened (no fault of Guatemala’s). I am pretty sure that I will not really have the space I need to figure much out until my youngest child is off to kindergarten next month. And that is soon enough, because I am good with just hanging out with my kids and focusing on them. So for now, I am just going to… post and share whatever I might feel like sharing on any given day.