Week 3 | 2019

I am picking up my camera pretty randomly, and I can’t say that I have taken my photos for this project with much advance intention so far. Maybe this week I will try to come up with a list of photo goals, things I want to capture, and techniques I want to try. I did pull a child into my studio this week, which ended up resulting in unexpected portraits featuring our cat, Sophie. She just showed up. I also have a few photos taken out and about with my Fuji X100F. The Costco and library photos were both Fuji photos, and they are weirdly symmetrical.

The lightbox sign belongs to my daughter, and this message was for the day this week when we had a rescue puppy home visit from the dog we are hoping to adopt. I am waiting right now to see if we have been selected as this puppy’s family. We have never had two dogs at the same time, but I feel ready. I think. Once you start considering the possibility of adding a dog to your family, you are going to get the dog. You may as well just go for it.

Week 2 | 2019

In my second week of daily shooting, I did a slightly better job of remembering that I would like to take photos when there is still some natural light available. And that I need to keep my camera ready for meaningful moments, interactions, and happy times with friends.

Things that are super helpful for daily shooting, and make me feel confident I will complete this 365:

1. A photography studio in my basement. I know that even if I totally blow it and don’t pick up my camera all day, I can go down to my studio and bribe a child to sit for a portrait. I haven’t had to do that yet, but I am very sure it is coming soon.

2. My Fuji X100F. It is always in my purse. And I won’t be able to sell it without repairing the scratched LCD, because it has been wrestling around in my bag with my keys for a few years now. I don’t love the low light performance, but overall, it has been a good camera to have.

3. Dogs. I love my dog. She is kind of my muse these days. And we are hoping to get a new puppy VERY soon, which will result in a ridiculously happy puppy photo overload.

Week 1 | 2019

Hi. It has been a while. I am very rusty with blogging and daily personal shooting, and I am just going to push through that and get back to sharing my images here. I am no longer sharing much on social media. I am trying to escape from Facebook, which is tricky. I am still using Instagram, with mixed feelings. I have recommitted myself to Flickr, and am participating in a great Project 365 group there.

I have been floundering around for a few weeks trying to decide how to share my 365 photos here, and trying to figure out all of my website and blogging and life plans, and really what I need to do for now is just dive in. So without further ado, because frankly I think we have all had WAY too much ado, here my first week of 2019. It is going to be a great year.