Week 8 | 2019

Whatever I said about being good with winter- well, I will say that I have now had enough. It is not that my kids are going crazy from being inside too much. It is my dogs who are losing it. I will walk them until it is in the low 20 degree area, but if it is too cold, they just do not have enough fur for those temperatures. They shake and shiver the whole time, and this makes me feel terrible for them. We are now in the aftermath of a blizzard, and it is in the low teens, so there have been no walks. Our newest family member has been exhibiting some behaviors. Unrolling toilet paper, stealing shoes and boots, chewing up pencils, chewing up library books, jumping on the table and snatching pizza and running away, and some potty training mishaps. He is adorable and totally forgiven. But I still want to GO OUTSIDE. I love outside.

I mentioned joining Weight Watchers last week. Food is hard. I will leave it at that for now.

Otherwise- there is the snow, as I mentioned, and trying to drive through the snow. I am making some travel plans, for soon and for later this summer. We made it to Girl’s Skate Night for some skateboarding at The Bay on Sunday, which was good. I have been shooting in my studio, both the floral still life you see here and some other stuff. I feel generally overwhelmed, and like I do not have time to do everything I want to do. I have intentions to update my portfolio section of this very website, along with my pricing, along with blogging some client work I have done over the past TWO YEARS, and I just can’t quite get to it. Other people and how they do all of the things- so confusing to me. I don’t even watch television regularly. I think there is something about ‘fringe hours” I am supposed to find as a mother, but I don’t have time to read that book.

Week 7 | 2019

Many exciting things happened this week!

I joined Weight Watchers. I am 43 years old, and as my five year old pointed out to me a few weeks ago, I seem to have some kind of “issue” with sugar. I work out for about an hour a day, every day, and my weight has still crept up slowly. Because of all of the treats I treat myself to all day every day. A week in, as of this morning, I have lost about three pounds. And faced the fact that without sugar I feel a little… off? Lost? A work in progress. I should definitely take some before photos and then be brave enough to post them.

Also, my son lost his first tooth! It was during story time at Indigo Bridge bookstore on Tuesday. We had a discussion there about how it will be so memorable that he lost the tooth during story time. Sadly, maybe not. I have no idea when or where my older two children lost their first teeth. I do remember a swallowed tooth incident, but not the first loss that anyone had.

This morning, my nine year old finished the entire Harry Potter series. She is the first in our family to have read the whole thing. I stopped in the middle of book four, and my oldest read through book three. This makes my middle child the biggest Harry Potter fan in our house, officially. She is quite pleased with herself, and deserves to be.

For now, I am looking forward to another snow storm this weekend. I actually love to be forced to stay home indoors, where it is warm. With books and puppies and kids and coffee.

Week 6 | 2019

This week we celebrated my middle daughter’s birthday for several days, had a visit from Grandma, ate too many treats, and loved on our puppies. My daughter was given some Harry Potter glasses for her birthday, and she is wearing them constantly. I will not let her wear them to school, although as I told her, I am not even sure why. She will probably need real glasses soon enough, and she is arguing that these glasses are getting her used to having to wear glasses. The flowers are from my husband. They are my favorite flowers, for Valentine’s Day. We both don’t think the arrangement is great, so I will probably try to take some different photos of the ranunculus sometime this week after I pull them out of the arrangement and put them in a vase alone. All of these people were posting photos of ranunculus from Trader Joe’s, but sadly, my Trader Joe’s had none. Thankful for a nice husband who remembers things I complain about and then tries to fix them for me unexpectedly.