Week 24 | 2019

I am behind on posting photos. Since the last time I posted, I went to Guatemala- but that is not included in this week of photos, so I will talk about that later. :) During this week, I prepared for my trip, we celebrated Milena’s birthday and father’s day, and… hard to say now. I have forgotten. I am sure it was pretty good. We spent a lot of time at the kitchen table, and in the backyard. And the little tree- my mother-in-law ordered it for me, a mulberry tree! I am hopeful that it works out, and grateful for such a considerate gift. I love mulberries.

Week 23 | 2019

Recovered from camping, and now focused on getting ready to go to Guatemala. Feeling very challenged as far as managing things with three kids at home, my house, yard work, taking a few photos here and there, running kids around, and whatever else is happening. It is all good, and very happy, but it is a lot. I am trying to slow down a little and relax, but the end of the day comes and I find that I don’t usually get there. I am squeezing in some dog walks, podcasts, puzzles, and hot tea. I wish I could be one of those moms that kind of lets the housework go, but unfortunately I am not. I am reminding myself that until all three of these kids are back in school, I need to lower my expectations for achievement and making big progress. What I am doing is good enough- and honestly, it IS pretty good.

Week 22 | 2019

We are home from camping at Mahoney State Park. It was a mixed experience, with some good things, and some not so great things. In past years we have run into a tick or maybe two, and this year we dealt with about 25 of them. We also missed ripe mulberries there by just a few days, while at home my strawberries were abandoned and ready to eat. Our favorite little shop in Ashland, Postscript Press, happened to be closed for the week. We had good experiences fishing, doing the rock climbing wall, and hiking. We saw lots of animals and snails. Swimming was good. But we decided to head home late the night before checkout rather than face another night in the cabin.