Week 32 | 2019

My kids are all in school this week. It is really disorienting. It is going to be an adjustment. Kindergarten is good, fourth grade is good, middle school is not as great so far. I am happy that we are transitioning back to a schedule, although my own schedule at home is going to take some time to establish.

Editing these photos was a nightmare. Bad light is just so frustrating, but sometimes in a 365 you are going to end up with a moment that you just have to use.

Week 31 | 2019

School starts the day after tomorrow. Feelings are mixed, leaning towards positive. I had to get out the planner and start planning again. I am not thinking about photos at all, but somehow I am shooting at least a little something every day.

Week 30 | 2019

There is absolutely no intentional photography happening these days. Any photos are just haphazard and unplanned. Lots of of thinking, “oh, no, I don’t have a photo for today, better snap something”. My girls are all about PERLER BEADS, which they last did when they were probably 6 or 7 years old. They have spent hours and hours creating designs and sorting them while listening to the Spiderman soundtrack, Blondie, The Pixies, and The Greatest Showman soundtrack. I have abandoned planning and list making, and I mean to get back to that- but never do. Without a plan, I will continue to read books and wander around outside. Which is probably fine, actually.