Week 15 | 2019

What a weird group of photos for this week. Also, my numbering was off, so I had to back up and revise my last post.

Why is there a photo of my son eating a sandwich? We are in “sandwich training” for when he goes to Kindergarten next year, and it was actually quite remarkable that I was able to convince him to eat a sandwich. Nutella and banana. And I have not been able to get him to do it again. It will be very inconvenient for him to try to take his current lunch staples (Mrs. Grass soup, or scrambled eggs) as a cold school lunch, and his pickiness makes hot lunch out of the question. We are going to keep working on it.

Week 14 | 2019

Even though we were outside during all of our free time this week, I can’t help but notice that a lot of these photos were taken in my living room. Interesting.

Trying to think about what I can report about our lives over here in Lincoln, Nebraska. I can say that at the moment, things are good, and that I am very grateful for that. I am trying to create as much space as possible around all of the things we are starting to do to wrap up the school year. I was probably a little overscheduled last week, and it didn’t feel great. I have started to kennel poor Bandit the shoe chewing puppy whenever I leave, which he is not pleased about. I just paid $27.99 for a weird Harry Potter library book that no one read (and no one will probably ever read- it is a script or something, I don’t even know). In an effort to remain happy and full of gratitude, I am not going to allow any more puppy destruction to continue. That is all I can think of for now- back next week, as always.

Week 13 | 2019

We are having a frustrating puppy week, because there have been many shoes destroyed. This is his new thing, now that he is pretty much house trained- a new type of naughty puppyness. Or puppy naughtiness, I guess. This morning, I came home from volunteering at my child’s school and found that Bandit had chewed a second pair of my husband’s shoes up (and a magazine, which creates such a huge mess). I was only gone for an hour. Of course the dog keeps chewing the shoes that belong to the person in the house that has the least dog enthusiasm. So I sat down at the computer to try to order a pair of replacement shoes, and during that time the dog SERIOUSLY CHEWED UP A LIBRARY BOOK. This will be the second library book I will be paying for this month. I share this story because I find it funny that my last two days of photos have been this very naughty puppy. That we really do love very much.