The Inbody Family, Antelope Park | Lincoln, Nebraska

Wow, this was a hot Nebraska night in June. So hot, and the bugs were biting. This family was AMAZING in spite of the heat, and you can see that these very adorable children are at ages where patience with professional photos might be in short supply. Not only was it 100 degrees outside, but we were shooting next to a park that they would have loved to play in, as well as across the street from Grandma's house. They were so cooperative in spite of it all, and we got some great photos. And they got to walk to Grandma's house as soon as we were finsihed. 

Petermann Family, April 2017-- Family Documentary Session

I am SO HAPPY to be able to share some of these photos, finally. It took me a little while to choose images from this session, because there is so much awesomeness. Brooke and her family TOTALLY understood what I was trying to capture, and they fully opened themselves up to the experience of having a photographer hanging around documenting their morning. If you feel like these are the type of images you would love to have of your family, I hope you will reach out and get a session scheduled. :) 

Stu, Stu, Studio.

Things naturally evolved over the last year or so (as they do), and now I suddenly have a room in my house that is a dedicated studio space. I LOVE IT. I never would have expected that I would end up enjoying this type of photography so much. I started out with a single flash, then took a class and added a few umbrellas and a light stand, and then took another online thing, and now I have a strobe, a large modifier, seamless paper, and a backdrop stand. It began with taking photos of Lego things that my family built so that they could be entered in contests or shared on social media. Then I figured if I was getting one thing, I might as well get a few other lighting things, that way I could take portraits or headshots too. 

I was going to do the 100 Day Project, and planned to do 100 days of studio photography. It was going pretty well, and then I got sick (like severe autoimmune flare up for a month kind of sick). I let the project go, and reminded myself that I need to stop it with the structured daily shooting thing for at least this year. I have still been taking a lot of photos in the studio, I have added another color of paper, and I took some client headshots that I am totally in love with and haven't shared yet. It is a strange thing to be doing right now, just as spring is arriving and everything is blooming outside. This is usually my time to spend every night outdoors until the sun sets taking the same photos of strawberries and children with watering cans and lilacs. Instead, I have been experimenting with lighting power and softbox placement and bribing my kids to sit for a minute. 

Here are a few of my studio favorites from the last month.