Week 28 | 2019

All of the swimming has resulted in Swimmer’s Ear for our oldest child. This is something I didn’t really know much about. Now I am a little traumatized, and I will be a little quicker to the doctor’s office to start antibiotics when symptoms arise. Summertime earache= immediate trip to urgent care.

Otherwise, things are great but VERY NUTTY. My husband is doing a 100 mile gravel bike race on Saturday called the Bohemian Sto Mil. It is a little odd that he agreed to do this, since he wasn’t really a biking guy before he started training for this race. It starts in his hometown, and a friend persuaded him, so here we are. It has been a lot of time training, and the weather has been a little bit scary hot. Like, I was nauseated and light headed from carrying my groceries to the car yesterday, so… a 100 mile bike race on gravel in the same type of weather… hmm. Would not work for me. Apparently my husband and I are very different people who are at very different levels of fitness. I still feel anxious on his behalf and hope it goes well for him. <3 <3 <3

Project Somos (part 1)

I have been back from Guatemala for a few weeks, and I haven’t shared any photos from my time at Project Somos yet. It has all been kind of overwhelming- there is so much to say about it that I don’t know where to start. My family has also ended up a little overscheduled this summer, and I have had a lot of difficulty finding time to do much of my own thing. This morning my husband was watching me work on some of the photos, and said, “Maybe I could see some photos from your trip sometime?”. I guess now that I have some photos actually edited, it is time to share them.

These photos reflect one part of the experience- encouraging the kids at Project Somos to use cameras. We spent a lot of time with them doing some photography, then we talked with them about their favorite photos (as much as we could given the language barrier!), and then we printed some of their photos so they could hold their photos in their hands. Here are some of my photos of the kids with cameras, out in the field. Project Somos is amazing, great work is being done there, and I love that I was able to visit and see such an awesome organization first hand. I will be back to say more in another post.

Week 27 | 2019

Both of the parents in this house were not in the best shape this week- my stomach is just now almost back to normal after my trip, and dad sustained a shoulder injury at CrossFit that has been intense. Otherwise, I have been driving my kids to swimming lessons and appointments, and we have spent every evening the backyard pool. Only yesterday did I feel well enough to do actual exercise, and that is VERY happy for me. I am so excited to get back into a routine with my weights and my 10,000 steps and my podcast listening dog walks.

All of my recent time spent in airplanes, airports, and waiting rooms has meant that I have been able to read a lot more than usual- so that is good. I think that I will easily meet my goal to read 52 books during the year. I am just about finished with On Being Human by Jennifer Pastiloff, and it has been ok. I am about to start Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane, which came up as a Kindle library hold for me. Still very scared to get many physical library books, which my dog will eat. Finally, there has been SO MUCH HYPE about Three Women, I decided to order it on a whim from Amazon. This violates my attempt to not spend money on books, but we are all doing the best we can. Or maybe we are not. I am probably not doing my best as far as the book buying.