Week 50 | 366.2016

As I just posted on Facebook, I am totally over the Project 365 thing. I am really looking forward to the end of the year (as I am sure most of us are- this year has been... suck). 2017 means that I can move on to my new planned personal project. I have chosen 52 books, and I am going to read one book a week. Each week I will write a blog post related to the book, and add at least one photo that was inspired by the book that I read for that week. I think that a 365 project is something that will allow you to grow quickly as a photographer, but that is not what I need to do anymore. Where I am right now, I feel like I am taking a photo every day, arbitrarily. My time would be better served by choosing a technique, shooting with that technique in mind, and reading and watching educational resources related to that technique. So there you have it! I will push through, since the end is in sight, but after this project is done, I will be printing a book and changing my game. I hope you will follow along. 

The other thing that I am so fortunate to be able to focus on now are the clients I am going to be shooting in the coming year. At this time last year, I was thinking that maybe I would try out a photography business. After the years spent investing my heart and soul and what is left of my unoccupied brain space in all things photography, I owed it to myself to see if it would be something that would work for me. It is a way to serve other families, in addition to contributing financially to my own family. I did not expect to love photographing other people so much. I have no regrets that I am on this path, and I wish I would have been brave enough, or would have had enough insight, to start sooner. Until next week (only two more weeks to go!), the photos.