Week 47 | 366.2016

I have decided to move from Wordpress to Squarespace, and this is the first blog post that I am writing on my new blog. My decision was based on the fact that Squarespace is very easy for people who might be easily frustrated by technology. I was able to design it myself, it is simple, and I can change anything I need to change, or even redesign the entire thing if I just want something different- and not have to pay someone to help me. I have also found that Squarespace customer service is nice. I love that they have chat support available, and I talked with a super nice customer service agent this morning for TWO HOURS as we went through all of the things I needed to figure out in reorganizing my blog after I move. I also made the decision to move only the last year of my blog over. I may make my previous blog into a book. Part of the reason for leaving my older work behind is that I might have improved, just a little bit, in the last year or so. I wanted to only include what is most representative of my current abilities. When I look at my stats and see someone was looking at some photos I took in 2012, that just makes me feel embarrassed. I know, growth, but there is also something to be said for starting fresh. 

I am going to insert some photos, and see what I think. If you are reading this, it all worked out.