Week 52 | 2016

We said goodbye to Meadow this week. I am happy that we had a chance to spend some time with her and say goodbye, and that she was mostly comfortable. We are still in shock that she is gone. Sometimes we think we see her, or hear the sounds of her tags. For two days in a row, we have forgotten to turn off our house alarm in the morning- we have always turned it off when we would let her out to go to the bathroom.

We had Christmas, and now we are heading into our New Year’s Eve celebration with kids- lots of garbage food from Trader Joe’s, board games, staying up to watch the ball drop. Like pretty much everyone else I know, we are ready to move on from 2016. Seems like it wasn’t a great year for most people. I am relieved and happy to be done with the obligation of daily shooting, and incredibly excited to start all of the new things I have planned.

Here are more than seven photos from the last week. I wanted to include more of Meadow, since as soon as I publish this I will be printing my entire Wordpress blog into a book and moving to Squarespace. Yes, Lida has makeup on in the photo where she is reading to Meadow. She had been playing dress up earlier in the day. Lida learned how to make coffee this week, and Milena learned how to make tea. They ask us over and over all day if they can get us a cup of either. The answer is usually yes.

Love and light for 2017…