July thoughts about film.

I was shooting a lot of film there for a while. And then I said, "I will not shoot so much film. It is expensive, and sometimes I screw it up, and that is disappointing. I will not shoot so much film." Then I bought a Rolleicord, and also, I am actually still shooting a lot of film. I committed to only shooting two rolls a month, but then I decided holidays don't count. And when we are going to the park at 7:30pm, taking a digital camera doesn't seem fun. I don't even know if I prefer my film images. I also find that my feelings about film images are actually similar to my feelings about using film presets. I think film presets are often used to hide imperfect or otherwise ho-hum images. I think film is sometimes used in the same way. Getting a bunch of expensive scans back and having them full of ho-hum images where you missed focus and clearly blew the exposure is a special kind of awful. All of that aside, though- there is a magic of film that can't be denied. Here are some of my favorite images from my most recent scans (developed by FIND), Agfa Vista 200 and 400 and Portra 400.

I got scans back yesterday, and they were pretty sad. The good news is, based on history, I have a bad scan, then a good scan, and so on... So I have more scans due back tomorrow, mostly July 4th photos, and I have high hopes.