Week 10 | 2019

We went to Sanibel, Florida for spring break. This was a recommendation a very good travel agent friend made for our family about five years ago, and we finally got it together enough to get there. It was the first time my kids had been on a plane, and their first time seeing the ocean. It was the beach vacation that I wanted for my honeymoon (we got married in 2002). It was pretty much perfect.

We left Nebraska while it was still very snowy, and while we were gone the weather was insane here. It got up to 70ish degrees, all of the snow melted, then there was another blizzard, and now our state is facing massive flooding issues. It was a pretty good time to get out of here for a week.

My neighbor watched my dogs. They were naughty. Bandit ate one of our lamps. This is kind of ok with me, because I have been wanting to replace these particular lamps forever- although now I am realizing how expensive lamps are, which kind of sucks.

I took a million photos on vacation, and I love so many of them. I can’t face culling and starring and editing all of them at this moment- we are still catching up on things since getting home, plus daylight savings time, and allergies, and sunburns, and back to school and work and cooking food. Since I don’t want to get behind on posting 365 photos, I went through rather quickly and just chose something for each day and edited it.

It is hard to describe how happy this trip was. Unlike most recent vacations, where I am ready to just throw in the towel and head home a few days early- this was SUPER SAD when it ended. Incredibly sad. I can’t wait to go back. Best vacation ever.