Week 16 | 2019

A week where I have to include more than seven photos… Lida got her black belt, and I could not choose between two photos. The emotion on her face when she is accepting it, and the smiles from her instructors- seriously, one of my favorite photos ever. There was Easter, which didn’t result in many photos that I loved. And then there was the stomach bug. So much throwing up, starting Easter night. I still have two out of three children home recovering, and the laundry and general clean up of our house remains overwhelming. I am trying to get some client photos edited in the tiny pockets of time I am finding free, plus take care of my dogs that are accustomed to multiple walks every day, plus continue my workouts. This morning, my husband actually wrote, “appreciate lilacs” at the top of our to-do list- they just started opening last night. And we are about to miss the window for planting peas, which would make me incredibly sad. Hoping we have a slightly more boring (and MUCH healthier!) week ahead.