Week 38 | 2019

Things continue to improve with my health, and suddenly I am feeling almost normal again. To say that I am thankful would be a massive understatement. There are a few residual things, but I am not napping every day, I am closing those rings on my Apple Watch, and I feel confident that I will be able to attend the appointments and obligations that are on my calendar. I still feel confused, and honestly traumatized, about facing such a weird health thing. I always have some weird health thing.

The appointments and events and activities- there are so many. It seems like I have tried to limit things, but somehow we are having at least two or three different things happening every evening. This week’s photos show a few of them- the Lincoln City Libraries Book Sale, which is one of our favorite nights of the year. And Streets Alive. We also have cuddling with dogs, doctors appointments (flu shot time), and getting outside as much as possible. Whatever I said last week about focusing more on photography… well, it hasn’t happened yet. I am still, and always, trying.