Week 13 | 2019

We are having a frustrating puppy week, because there have been many shoes destroyed. This is his new thing, now that he is pretty much house trained- a new type of naughty puppyness. Or puppy naughtiness, I guess. This morning, I came home from volunteering at my child’s school and found that Bandit had chewed a second pair of my husband’s shoes up (and a magazine, which creates such a huge mess). I was only gone for an hour. Of course the dog keeps chewing the shoes that belong to the person in the house that has the least dog enthusiasm. So I sat down at the computer to try to order a pair of replacement shoes, and during that time the dog SERIOUSLY CHEWED UP A LIBRARY BOOK. This will be the second library book I will be paying for this month. I share this story because I find it funny that my last two days of photos have been this very naughty puppy. That we really do love very much.