Week 14 | 2019

Even though we were outside during all of our free time this week, I can’t help but notice that a lot of these photos were taken in my living room. Interesting.

Trying to think about what I can report about our lives over here in Lincoln, Nebraska. I can say that at the moment, things are good, and that I am very grateful for that. I am trying to create as much space as possible around all of the things we are starting to do to wrap up the school year. I was probably a little overscheduled last week, and it didn’t feel great. I have started to kennel poor Bandit the shoe chewing puppy whenever I leave, which he is not pleased about. I just paid $27.99 for a weird Harry Potter library book that no one read (and no one will probably ever read- it is a script or something, I don’t even know). In an effort to remain happy and full of gratitude, I am not going to allow any more puppy destruction to continue. That is all I can think of for now- back next week, as always.