Week 2 | 2019

In my second week of daily shooting, I did a slightly better job of remembering that I would like to take photos when there is still some natural light available. And that I need to keep my camera ready for meaningful moments, interactions, and happy times with friends.

Things that are super helpful for daily shooting, and make me feel confident I will complete this 365:

1. A photography studio in my basement. I know that even if I totally blow it and don’t pick up my camera all day, I can go down to my studio and bribe a child to sit for a portrait. I haven’t had to do that yet, but I am very sure it is coming soon.

2. My Fuji X100F. It is always in my purse. And I won’t be able to sell it without repairing the scratched LCD, because it has been wrestling around in my bag with my keys for a few years now. I don’t love the low light performance, but overall, it has been a good camera to have.

3. Dogs. I love my dog. She is kind of my muse these days. And we are hoping to get a new puppy VERY soon, which will result in a ridiculously happy puppy photo overload.