Week 3 | 2019

I am picking up my camera pretty randomly, and I can’t say that I have taken my photos for this project with much advance intention so far. Maybe this week I will try to come up with a list of photo goals, things I want to capture, and techniques I want to try. I did pull a child into my studio this week, which ended up resulting in unexpected portraits featuring our cat, Sophie. She just showed up. I also have a few photos taken out and about with my Fuji X100F. The Costco and library photos were both Fuji photos, and they are weirdly symmetrical.

The lightbox sign belongs to my daughter, and this message was for the day this week when we had a rescue puppy home visit from the dog we are hoping to adopt. I am waiting right now to see if we have been selected as this puppy’s family. We have never had two dogs at the same time, but I feel ready. I think. Once you start considering the possibility of adding a dog to your family, you are going to get the dog. You may as well just go for it.