Week 27 | 2019

Both of the parents in this house were not in the best shape this week- my stomach is just now almost back to normal after my trip, and dad sustained a shoulder injury at CrossFit that has been intense. Otherwise, I have been driving my kids to swimming lessons and appointments, and we have spent every evening the backyard pool. Only yesterday did I feel well enough to do actual exercise, and that is VERY happy for me. I am so excited to get back into a routine with my weights and my 10,000 steps and my podcast listening dog walks.

All of my recent time spent in airplanes, airports, and waiting rooms has meant that I have been able to read a lot more than usual- so that is good. I think that I will easily meet my goal to read 52 books during the year. I am just about finished with On Being Human by Jennifer Pastiloff, and it has been ok. I am about to start Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane, which came up as a Kindle library hold for me. Still very scared to get many physical library books, which my dog will eat. Finally, there has been SO MUCH HYPE about Three Women, I decided to order it on a whim from Amazon. This violates my attempt to not spend money on books, but we are all doing the best we can. Or maybe we are not. I am probably not doing my best as far as the book buying.