Project Somos (part 1)

I have been back from Guatemala for a few weeks, and I haven’t shared any photos from my time at Project Somos yet. It has all been kind of overwhelming- there is so much to say about it that I don’t know where to start. My family has also ended up a little overscheduled this summer, and I have had a lot of difficulty finding time to do much of my own thing. This morning my husband was watching me work on some of the photos, and said, “Maybe I could see some photos from your trip sometime?”. I guess now that I have some photos actually edited, it is time to share them.

These photos reflect one part of the experience- encouraging the kids at Project Somos to use cameras. We spent a lot of time with them doing some photography, then we talked with them about their favorite photos (as much as we could given the language barrier!), and then we printed some of their photos so they could hold their photos in their hands. Here are some of my photos of the kids with cameras, out in the field. Project Somos is amazing, great work is being done there, and I love that I was able to visit and see such an awesome organization first hand. I will be back to say more in another post.