Week 28 | 2019

All of the swimming has resulted in Swimmer’s Ear for our oldest child. This is something I didn’t really know much about. Now I am a little traumatized, and I will be a little quicker to the doctor’s office to start antibiotics when symptoms arise. Summertime earache= immediate trip to urgent care.

Otherwise, things are great but VERY NUTTY. My husband is doing a 100 mile gravel bike race on Saturday called the Bohemian Sto Mil. It is a little odd that he agreed to do this, since he wasn’t really a biking guy before he started training for this race. It starts in his hometown, and a friend persuaded him, so here we are. It has been a lot of time training, and the weather has been a little bit scary hot. Like, I was nauseated and light headed from carrying my groceries to the car yesterday, so… a 100 mile bike race on gravel in the same type of weather… hmm. Would not work for me. Apparently my husband and I are very different people who are at very different levels of fitness. I still feel anxious on his behalf and hope it goes well for him. <3 <3 <3