Week 33 | 2019

Entering the second week of all of my kids being in school, I have discovered that if I do not block out actual time for things, the time will disappear. I have 8 minutes to finish this blog post before I should move on to the next thing. Yesterday I took one of my children to the orthodontist, and that is somehow pretty much all I was able to get done for the entire day.

Everyone is doing relatively ok-ish as far as school goes. Kindergarten has been bumpier than I expected, because it is hard for a five year old to eat food in a short amount of time. Of course, I should know this because I have been through it before, but I totally forgot. We are working on it, and it will get better. Middle school- I hope it is ok enough? That is all very stressful to witness.

Photos this week- haphazard and random and unintentional. And again with one child and one dog overly represented.