Week 35 | 2019

My physical issues are not better, which is making my anxiety kind of HIGH. I realized in this last week that photography is something that takes me out of my currently sucky physical experience. While I am taking photos, or even editing photos, I can remove the focus from the symptoms I am having. I don’t know why I don’t focus more on photography right now- I probably should try that.

We made it to the state fair, and I should post all of the resulting photos. Lida started her cello, with great enthusiasm. I think she made a good decision to choose it as her instrument. It is looking like fall is arriving- a few leaves are changing color, and on our walks with the dogs a few streets over, leaves are flying and people are already raking. I am making an effort to try not to get so melancholy about the fall thing, which is what I usually do.

Hoping I have better news to report next week.