Week 6 | 2019

This week we celebrated my middle daughter’s birthday for several days, had a visit from Grandma, ate too many treats, and loved on our puppies. My daughter was given some Harry Potter glasses for her birthday, and she is wearing them constantly. I will not let her wear them to school, although as I told her, I am not even sure why. She will probably need real glasses soon enough, and she is arguing that these glasses are getting her used to having to wear glasses. The flowers are from my husband. They are my favorite flowers, for Valentine’s Day. We both don’t think the arrangement is great, so I will probably try to take some different photos of the ranunculus sometime this week after I pull them out of the arrangement and put them in a vase alone. All of these people were posting photos of ranunculus from Trader Joe’s, but sadly, my Trader Joe’s had none. Thankful for a nice husband who remembers things I complain about and then tries to fix them for me unexpectedly.