Week 7 | 2019

Many exciting things happened this week!

I joined Weight Watchers. I am 43 years old, and as my five year old pointed out to me a few weeks ago, I seem to have some kind of “issue” with sugar. I work out for about an hour a day, every day, and my weight has still crept up slowly. Because of all of the treats I treat myself to all day every day. A week in, as of this morning, I have lost about three pounds. And faced the fact that without sugar I feel a little… off? Lost? A work in progress. I should definitely take some before photos and then be brave enough to post them.

Also, my son lost his first tooth! It was during story time at Indigo Bridge bookstore on Tuesday. We had a discussion there about how it will be so memorable that he lost the tooth during story time. Sadly, maybe not. I have no idea when or where my older two children lost their first teeth. I do remember a swallowed tooth incident, but not the first loss that anyone had.

This morning, my nine year old finished the entire Harry Potter series. She is the first in our family to have read the whole thing. I stopped in the middle of book four, and my oldest read through book three. This makes my middle child the biggest Harry Potter fan in our house, officially. She is quite pleased with herself, and deserves to be.

For now, I am looking forward to another snow storm this weekend. I actually love to be forced to stay home indoors, where it is warm. With books and puppies and kids and coffee.